Thursday, March 15, 2012

Winners of First Annual GSP Official Look Contest!!!

Necklace:[Acide!] Entete - Bleu ciel - Unisex GSP!
Tatoo:::Fe:: Cross Crown Tattoo GSP!
Pants:*HolliPocket* Dirty Jeans-Unisex-Blue- GSP!
Sneakers: DEF! Sneakers/Falsetto/Black White & Red GSP!
Hair Angel - Light Blond by Yulicie @ Grunge Soul Project NEW!
Top Joey by [ Cynful ] @ Grunge Soul Project NEW!
Pants Unisex Denim White by Elygo @ Grunge Soul Project NEW!
Skin Isy by IrEn @ Grunge Soul Project
Eyes Alien Eyes - Green by Insufferable Dastard
Dress Pull very short with belt by Ines Creations
Bag Addict by I <3FashiOn
Tattoo lower ✪ [Reckless] ✪ Distance kills
Shirt ✪ .:cheeky:. ✪ UpSweater with Bra
Pants ✪ {Elygo} ✪ Unisex Denim White Mesh (Size Pack)
hair= [y] Angel Hair Black/Blond
eyes= .ID. Alien Eyes
necklace= [Acide!] Entete – Noir – Unisex
shirt= .:cheeky:. UpSweater with Bra
tattoo= [Reckless] Distance kills
pants= {Elygo} Unisex Denim White
pose= .Pekka. Poses – Clara
hair [y] Angel - Light Black for Grunge Soul Project
eyes .ID. Alien Eyes - Blue for Grunge Soul Project
skin [Katsucide] Sandra Cendre Bleue - Light for Grunge Soul Project
Tattoo - S (and) P "I'm Not a Voodoo Doll" Grunge Soul Project
Colar / Necklace - [Acide!] "Entete" Grunge Soul Project
Eyes - .ID. Alien Eyes Grunge Soul Project
Tattoo - ::Fe:: Cross Crown Tattoo (GSP) available in @ GSP
Bag - {*I <3 FashiOn*} Bag Addict [Black] available in @ GSP
Jeans - Dirty Jeans-Blue from *HolliPocket* available in @ GSP
Earing: .Pekka. Disturbed Ear Piercing LEOPARD @GSP EXCLUSIVE
Tattoo #1: ::Fe:: Cross Crown Tattoo @GSP
Tattoo #2: [Reckless] Distance kills @GSP
Shape-:.:Useful Things:. Clyde Shape mailto:NEW@%7BGSP}!!
Necklace-:[Acide!] Entete mailto:NEW@%7BGSP}!!
Tattoo-:S (and) P – I’m Not a Voodoo Doll Tattoo mailto:NEW@%7BGSP}!!
Pants-:{Elygo} Denim White mailto:NEW@%7BGSP}!!
Tattoo chest, belly and back: -ZR- No Lies, Just Love
Pants: {Elygo} Unisex Denim White (Size Pack)
Shoes: DEF! Sneakers/Falsetto/Black White & Red

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