GSP Press Application

Hi there!
The Grunge Soul Project is currently looking for new good bloggers to be a part of our team.
Our designers send out there items at the beginning of every round. There is around 30 - 50 items PER round. Because of that you are strictly our bloggers. We are no looking for people who only want free stuff and do not blog about gsp.

We have some requiremments for our bloggers :

- Each blogger has to blog every item from each round of GSP (Rounds last 2 weeks. For example: If there are 20 items in a round you must blog all 20 items). Females blog female and unisex items, and males blog male items and unisex items. If you would like if you have both a male and female AVI you can blog both sexes.

- Each blogger must post weekly (In a weeks time you must post 2 different posts for that week. This equals a minimum of 4 posts in each round since rounds last 2 weeks each).

- Each blogger has to have a minimum of 2 different GSP items, from the current round, PER pic posted ( even if you share your blog with another GSP blogger ). This is only a minimum amount of items you can wear per pic posted you are welcome to add more to your picture.

- Each blogger has to post their pics to GSP flickr.

GSP Flickr:

- Each GSP blogger must blog their pic on the GSP official blog.

GSP Official Blog:

- Each blogger, at the end of the current round, has to fill out a "finish to post" questionnaire, online, where they link EACH post they did of the round ( that would take three min max each time ). This questionnaire must be turned in by Wednesday of the second week of each round.

Finish to Post:

- Each blogger has to post news about gsp ( contests, date of specials events etc. ). These will be sent through the group. Currently we are having the GSP Official Look Contest which takes place the first week of every round!

These requirements are a must as the GSP team has over 300 blog posts to look at each round! We ask that you do help us out as much as you can because it can get a little hectic at times. If you feel you can't meet these requirements please let us know. These requirements are set for each and everyone of our bloggers. We would love to continue to expand our blogger group so if the requirements are not met for each blogger we unfortunately will have to make room for other bloggers. If you have any questions please contact Herqueen Landar. Thank you for your time!!

About you : 

- You have to be a blogger for at least 6 months.
- You have to have at least six feeds.
- You have to post every week.

If you're still not scared here is the link to apply :

Thank you for your time and interest. If you are choosen we will contact you.