Monday, March 19, 2012

walking on broken glas

GSP is all new this weekend
I wear some stuff from there
also I found boot's and just couldn't let them in the store
I Love them *-* 

.shape. .::TC::. My own thank U <3
.skin. MOJO//AMORE// 17 - COCOA
.make up. - DAMNED - Kajal MakeUp
.hair. "LoQ Hair" RedWine
.eyes. .ID. Intense Eyes green at GSP
.faceplugs. Cobrahive Gauged 04
.piercing face. .Pekka. Hopeless UNISEX PIERCING
.piercing throat. .Pekka. Rake Piercing (Throat) Uisex
 .dress. Sticky fingers : My tee dresses at GSP
.claws. La Malvada Mujer - Claws 
.rings. RaMa RoWanberry - JoJosar Ring { Gold II}
.tattoo arms. ::Fe:: Sailor Tattoo at GSP
.tattoo chest. -ZR- Only God can judge me New at GSP
.glasses. [ bubble ] Retro Glasses V2
.boots. Opium Domina Boots Mt V1


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