Monday, March 5, 2012

GSP Official Look Contest!!!

{GSP is proud to announce its first Photo Contest!!}
At the beginning of each round of GSP we will be looking at pictures submitted by our customers through either Flickr or Blog posts. This Contest is open to everyone not just our own bloggers. In this contest we will be looking for an "official look". The "official look" must consist of:
☑ What the current round is
☑ Picture(s) must be named "Grunge Soul Project Round - Official Look"
☑ You must wear at least three GSP items from the current round that you are submitting
☑ You must write what items you are wearing and what designer, on the picture itself or in a notecard.

The management team will be looking at all submissions and
deciding which picture(s) will be the winners. We will be posting seven pictures
total that will be put up for display in our store as well as on our own GSP
Flickr, GSP Blog, and through the Official GSP Group. All submissions will need
to be turned in by the second week of each round. Winners will be announced
through the official GSP group. Please join our group in world
You can submit applications through this link <3

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