Friday, March 16, 2012

Back the Basics

So Harlow Heslop of issued a challenge to the blogging community to take a completely unedited photograph in Second Life. The guidelines are pretty simply you're allowed to use any windlight but HUDs, photoshop, or any other altering/editing software to enhance/decorate your photograph are not allowed. 
I was a bit nervous about doing this challenge but figured, why not and gave it a go. The pics in this post have no editing and I think there pretty decent. 
It reminds me that its ok to keep things simple, and enjoy the natural beauty of things. 
UP Dress Shirt Layer (for GSP)
HolliPocket Dirty JeansBlue w/boxers (for GSP)
DEF! Foot Shape/Sneakers/Falsetto (for GSP)
Fe Cross Crown Tattoo (for GSP)
DURA Hair Type1
Pekka Disturbed LEO Ear Piercings (for GSP)
Katsucide Sandra Cendre Bleue Skin (for GSP)
ID Alien Eyes (for GSP)
Pose(s): .Pekka. Poses - Clara for GSP

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